Upcoming Shows/Touring


Never Still, World Premiere, The Firehall Arts Centre, Sept 26-29 2018, Vancouver BC

Container, Fluid Festival, Oct 26 & 27 2018, Calgary AB

In Fiction, The Shadbolt Centre for the Arts, Feb 6-9 2019, Burnaby BC


Never Still, Crimson Coast Dance Society, Nanaimo BC 


Never Still 


"Never Still", the newest work from Vanessa Goodman/Action at a Distance, is inspired by the inherent conflicts and dichotomies of water. It is graceful and challenging, like humanity itself, and we are literally made of it. Social, environmental and biological themes are explored in this highly physical new work set to premiere at The Firehall this Fall.

September 26th-29th at 8pm

The Firehall Arts Centre


Created in collaboration with audio-visual designer Scott Morgan/Loscil, lighting designer James Proudfoot, costume designers Lloyd Clothing, performing artists Shion Skye Carter, Stéphanie Cyr, Bynh Ho, Alexa Mardon, Lexi Vajda and creative mentor Peter Bingham.

For tickets please visit The Firehall Arts Centre website.

Wells Hill


Wells Hill is an immersive contemporary dance work that celebrates communication and explores humanity's relationship with medium and performance. It draws inspiration from the work of Marshall McLuhan and Glenn Gould, two Canadian luminaries who altered how we consume art and information. With an incredible cast of performers backed by an innovative artistic team this work promises to be an exciting tapestry of movement and sound. Choreographer Vanessa Goodman’s thoughtful work strives to be a spectacle and has been praised for its "thrilling visual magic" (The Georgia Straight).

Featuring collaborators:
Choreography/Concept: Vanessa Goodman
Lighting Designer: James Proudfoot
Projection Design: Ben Didier, Milton Lim and Vanessa Goodman
Costume Design: Diane Park
Collaborating Dance Artists/Performers: Lara Barclay, Karissa Barry, Dario Dinuzzi, Bynh Ho, Arash Khakpour, Alexa Mardon and Bevin Poole
Composers: Scott Morgan (Loscil) and Gabriel Saloman
Apprentice: Shion Carter
SFU Interns: Samantha Penner and Anya Saugstad
Publication: Peter Dickinson
Production Manager: Jessica Chambers
Outside Eye: James Gnam

Performance History: 
Chutzpah! Festival World Premiere Feb 25th-28th 2015
Dance in Vancouver Nov 21st 8pm 2015
Shadbolt Centre for the Arts March 2nd-5th 2016
Full-Length Premiere: 
DanceHouse and SFUW Commissioning & Presenting Partner
Fei and Milton Wong Theatre
Nov 23rd, 24th & 25th 8pm, Nov 26th 2pm, 2017

Wells Hill was made possible with generous support from SFUW, Canada Council for the Arts, The British Columbia Arts Council and The City of Vancouver.



Container premiered June 9th & 10th 2015 with Small Stage at the Canada Dance Festival and the Magnetic North Theatre Festival at the National Arts Arts Centre, Ottawa. Then performed at DOTE 2015, PuSh Off 2016 and at The Shadbolt Centre for the Arts in March 2016. Recent tours include Northwest New Works at On the Boards and Risk/Reward Festival, Dance Made in/fait au Canada Festival. 

Container is a new work by choreographer and performer Vanessa Goodman that explores heritage, culture and resilience.

"Goodman's solo Container, a version of which she presented earlier this June at the Magnetic North Festival, showcases what an amazing mover she is. Clad in nude-coloured dance semis and what looked like mini combat boots, and combining hyper-kinetic android-like movements with various club grooves, Goodman reminded me at various points of a cross between Priss from Blade Runner and Miley Cyrus--but without the look-at-me twerking, and with a much more gorgeous silhouette. At one point, early on in the piece, Goodman launches into a deep lunge, arching her back in way that had me wishing I could mimic that pose on the beach. Then, too, there is Goodman's innate musicality, as when she pulses her upper body and arms in simple yet hypnotic time to the electronic sound score by Loscil (the Vancouver-based artist Scott Morgan). To go back to that sci-fi connection I made via the Blade Runner reference, Container ends with Goodman dancing in a single, slowly fading spot upstage (the lighting is again by Proudfoot), her upper body raised to the ceiling as if she is about to be transported to another world, one that is big enough to contain her outsized talents."
Peter Dickinson/Performance, Place and Politics (2015)

This work was made possible with generous support from The Shadbolt Centre for the Arts and Small Stage 

Performance History:


The Canada Dance Festival with Small Stage June 2015

Dancing on the Edge Festival July 2015

Push Off Feb 2016


The Shadbolt Centre for the Arts March 2016

On the Boards June 2016

Risk Reward Festival June 2016

The Dance made in/Fait au Canada Festival

The Bienal Internacional de Dança Do Ceará


Drained Lake

Created by Loscil
Special thank you to The Shadbolt Centre for the Arts


What Belongs to You
(60mins) PRemiered July 5th & 6th

The Dancing on the Edge Festival at The Dance Centre Faris Theatre
Set: 200 white balloons, 10-13, 20" HDX Black Fans, Plastic Sheeting. All provided by the artist. 

This new dance work is a physical journey motivated by human desire and led by the senses. What Belongs to You is driven by the need to connect, survive, remember and understand the human experience. It is anchored by Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, which describes the pattern that human motivations move through in life.
As the performers execute the innovative movement hundreds of white balloons cascade through the space. These balloons become instruments of motivation, acting as catalysts for the performers’ experience and transformation. Their innate spontaneity creates a dynamic environment that enhances the performers’ journey through this richly complex work and draws the audience into a thrilling performative experience.

"Goodman, winner of the 2013 Iris Garland emerging-choreographer award, shows depth, innovation, and maturity with this new piece, while expressing herself in a way that is massively accessible because of the spectacular, sensory effect of the balloons and the visual tricks she achieves with them. This is dance that anyone would enjoy. And if she can do this with a few standard items from Home Depot and Party Bazaar, there’s no stopping her."
Janet Smith/Georgia Straight (2014)

Past Season Performances

Container, Dance made in canada/ fait au canada Aug 17 at 7pm, 18 at 9pm & 19 at 4pm 2017, Toronto ON

Container, Bienal Internacional de Dança Do Ceará, Oct 21 8pm 2017, Fortaleza, Brazil

Wells Hill, World Premiere DanceHouse and SFU W Commissioning and Presenting Partner, Nov 23rd Preview, Nov 24th & 25th 8pm, 26th 2pm, 2017 at The Fei and Milton Wong Experimental Theatre, Vancouver BC

Without Contact, Jan 26th 2018 1pm, Dance Victoria at the Metro Theatre, Victoria BC

Radial Change, June 21st 2018 6:30pm, The Belkin Gallery, Vancouver BC

Remix with Ame Henderson, June 30th 2018 7pm, Left of Main, Vancouver BC